DCYF's Tricks of the Trade

I wrote this page between 1999 and 2001, and in some ways it's become a little stale. Fortunately, I haven't had much new material to add. At the time states' Child Protection Services were under far less scrutiny than they are now. I received Email from around the country from people reporting that many of the "tricks" I described had been done to them.

I'm not sure how much things have changed since then around the country, but I am receiving less Email these days. While things have improved in New Hampshire, don't assume they have elsewhere. Back then few people except those investigated for false reports really understood the impact on their families. These days news media, Web pages, and Email lists have made the public more aware of the problems. Conversely, CPS agencies no longer enjoy all the secrecy they once did and have become more accountable.

Therefore, I've made a pass through this to make it be somewhat more of a historical document. On the other hand, if I hear reports that these tricks are still being used, let me know if I can post the details here. I can also act on it better than I could in 1999, so if this is not a historical document, perhaps we can make it become one.

What can you do when DCYF becomes part of your life?

It would be nice to end this page with "and they all lived happily ever after." Unfortunately, the list above is incomplete.

Cooperating with DCYF means playing into their hand, and it appears that refusing to cooperate works better, especially if they don't have your kid. Take Friday off from work and school to visit some out-of-state relatives. If DCYF wants to come into your home, remind them they need a search warrant. Video tape all meetings with social workers. Sign only documents you agree with, preferably after consulting with your lawyer. Don't sign documents that say you did something even though you didn't. Read the Bill of Rights and books about it, then explain it to the social worker and your lawyer. The kid needs a lawyer, don't expect a CASA to be impartial, let alone partial to the kid's interests. Keep a journal of everything that involves DCYF, the school, etc. Avoid using state services whenever possible. Vote for Libertarians. Stop using the phrases "It's a free country" and "Justice is blind." Buy a vanity license plate:

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Last updated 2006 March 18.